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A dentist and patient discussion about planned teeth treatment in dental clinic office representing AGGA dental device lawsuit.

Dental Device AGGA Sued For Allegedly Damaging Teeth

MedTruth Editors · March 24, 2023

The dental device is intended to expand the jaw without the need for surgery, but experts say patients’ teeth showed signs of being displaced rather than expanded.

Image of Rite Aid pharmacy representing the DOJ suing Rite Aid over opioid prescriptions.

DOJ Sues Rite Aid Over Opioid Prescriptions

MedTruth Editors · March 23, 2023

The complaint alleges that Rite Aid repeatedly ignored red flags while fulfilling prescription orders for opioids.

U.S. Marines representing the Camp Lejeune water contamination lawsuit.

Marine With Terminal Cancer Files Camp Lejeune Lawsuit

MedTruth Editors · March 22, 2023

A Marine with terminal cancer intends to file a Camp Lejeune water contamination lawsuit against the U.S. government under the Camp Lejeune Justice Act.

Doctor testing elderly patient's hearing representing 3M military earplug hearing loss litigation.

3M Earplug Judge Orders Parties to Increase Transparency in Analysis

MedTruth Editors · March 21, 2023

Both the plaintiffs and defendants in 3M earplug litigation are flawed in their determination of what is considered "hearing damage."

Legal Developments
An agriculture worker in the field representing the Paraquat Papers linking the herbicide to health problems like Parkinson's.

“Paraquat Papers” Reveal Syngenta Was Aware of Health Risks for Decades

MedTruth Editors · March 17, 2023

The “Paraquat Papers” summarize Syngenta’s internal records, revealing that the company was aware of the link between its herbicide and health problems for decades.

Row of prescription drug bottles representing the opioid executive funneling large amounts of opioids into pharmacies.

Opioid Executive Sentenced for Criminal Conspiracy

MedTruth Editors · March 16, 2023

Laurence F. Doud directed large amounts of opioids into pharmacies throughout the Northeastern U.S. despite knowing that the pharmacies were using the narcotics to fuel opioid addictions.

Doctor checking man's hearing representing 3M attempting to disqualify earplug plaintiffs by saying they don't have hearing loss.

3M Attempts to Disqualify Earplug Plaintiffs

MedTruth Editors · March 15, 2023

Aearo Technologies claims that a vast majority of the plaintiffs in the military earplug MDL do not have hearing loss.

Legal Developments
A person holding CPAP mask representing 2022 reports added to CPAP device communication.

Late 2022 Reports Added to CPAP Device Communication

MedTruth Editors · March 14, 2023

Medical device reports received by the FDA at the end of 2022 have now been added to CPAP safety communication for public examination.

FDA Regulation
Soldiers saluting in a row representing CAEV2 Military Earplug Data Day held in court.

CAEV2 Military Earplug Data Day Held in Court

MedTruth Editors · March 9, 2023

During the data presentation, 3M and plaintiffs had widely differing interpretations of the metrics.

Image of a person taking prescription pills representing the Zantac trial delayed until July.

California Bellwether Zantac Trial Delayed Until July

MedTruth Editors · March 8, 2023

The judge overseeing this Zantac case is still deliberating over what expert testimony to admit.

Legal Developments
Young woman taking cannabis oil in tea drink using CBD dropper representing the FDA announcing new CBD regulations.

FDA Announces Intent to Create CBD Pathway

MedTruth Editors · March 7, 2023

The FDA intends to balance the consumer’s desire for CBD products with its mandate to manage risk by implementing regulations on CBD.

FDA Regulation
Woman holding pill from pill case representing the CA Zantac cancer trial awaiting expert witnesses.

CA Zantac Trial Awaits Expert Witness Admission

MedTruth Editors · March 3, 2023

The outcome of the case will be heavily influenced by which expert testimony Judge Grillo allows. 

Legal Developments
Woman applying natural dry shampoo on hair roots representing J&J carcinogenic dry shampoo claims.

J&J Argues to Toss Carcinogenic Dry Shampoo Claims

MedTruth Editors · March 2, 2023

J&J and Vogue are motioning not only to dismiss the case, but also to deny class certification to future plaintiffs. 

A man using talcum powder representing the talc lawsuit approved to proceed despite a stay in litigation.

Talc Lawsuit Exception Approved to Proceed

MedTruth Editors · March 1, 2023

The case of plaintiff Anthony Hernandez Valadez can go to trial once the California judge overseeing the case deems it ready to litigate in court.

Legal Developments
Intravenous injection representing the enzyme replacement therapy for alpha-mannosidosis, a rare disorder.

FDA Approves Enzyme Replacement Treatment for Rare Disorder

MedTruth Editors · February 28, 2023

Lamzede has been approved to treat alpha-mannosidosis, a rare genetic disorder. This is the first enzyme replacement therapy for this condition.

Members of the United States Marine Corps representing the Camp Lejeune water contamination lawsuits.

First Wave of Camp Lejeune Lawsuits Filed in Federal Court

MedTruth Editors · February 24, 2023

Many veterans and their family members claim that they developed cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, kidney damage and other complications after being exposed to contaminated water.

Lawyers and judges deliberating representing the J&J en banc hearing regarding talcum powder and cancer.

J&J Requests "En Banc" Rehearing

MedTruth Editors · February 23, 2023

En banc rehearings are where all of the judges in a court hear a case rather than a selected panel.

Legal Developments
Person using weedkiller spray on plants representing Bayer seeking a reversal of a Roundup case ruling.

Bayer Seeks Reversal of PA Roundup Case Ruling

MedTruth Editors · February 22, 2023

Despite a settlement between Monsanto and plaintiff David Schaffner, Jr. , Monsanto maintained the right to appeal the decision.

Legal Developments
Customer getting McDonald's food in a drive-through representing the McDonald's PFAS lawsuit.

Plaintiffs Fight to Preserve McDonald's PFAS Lawsuit

MedTruth Editors · February 21, 2023

The lawsuit claims that McDonald’s failed to warn consumers that its food packaging was contaminated with PFAS.

Infant eating baby food out of a jar representing the FDA restricting heavy metal levels in baby food.

FDA Restricts Heavy Metal Levels for Baby Foods

MedTruth Editors · February 16, 2023

The recent FDA guidance aims to reduce heavy metal contamination in baby food while maintaining access to healthy foods.

FDA Regulation
Person vaping an e-cigarette representing the FDA denying marketing permission to an E-cigarette company.

FDA Denies Marketing Permission to E-Cigarette Manufacturer

MedTruth Editors · February 14, 2023

The e-cigarette company is now forbidden from marketing or distributing their Vuse products in the U.S.

FDA Regulation
Black woman with curly hair representing hair straightener/relaxer litigation.

JPML Hears Hair Straightener MDL Arguments

MedTruth Editors · February 10, 2023

Black woman with curly hair representing hair straightener/relaxer litigation. Hair straightening products have been linked to uterine cancer.

Woman taking pills from nightstand representing the district court entering a consent decree with a Florida drug importer.

District Court Enters Consent Decree with FL Drug Importer

MedTruth Editors · February 9, 2023

LGM Pharma distributed “adulterated drugs” that were in violation of the Food Drug & Cosmetics Act.

Woman holding a generic pill bottle representing Zantac makers pushing for MDL claims tossed.

Generic Zantac Makers Push for MDL Claims Tossed

MedTruth Editors · February 8, 2023

Generic makers of the heartburn drug Zantac are asking the judge to issue a final judgment that would toss out claims against them in the MDL.

Legal Developments
Lawyers working on a bankruptcy case representing the 3rd circuit court rejecting J&J talcum powder bankruptcy.

3rd Circuit Court Rejects J&J Talc Bankruptcy

MedTruth Editors · February 7, 2023

Talcum powder cases may return to the courts after the 3rd circuit court rejected J&J subsidiary LTL Management’s bankruptcy claims.

Legal Developments
Tree farm representing Mexican national suing over exclusion from Roundup Settlement.

Mexican National Sues Over Exclusion From Roundup Settlement

MedTruth Editors · February 3, 2023

Reyes-Hernandez claims she was illegally denied a Roundup weedkiller cancer claim settlement because she is not a U.S. citizen.

Photo of Kroger Atlanta GA representing the West Virginia Opioid suit down to Kroger being the final defendant.

WV Opioid Suit Down to Final Defendant

MedTruth Editors · February 2, 2023

AG Morrisey announced that he signed an $83 million settlement agreement with Walgreens, leaving Kroger as the sole remaining defendant to not settle.

Legal Developments
Military man talking to a group representing mediation efforts for 3M earplug settlement paused.

Judge Orders Pause to 3M Mediation

MedTruth Editors · February 1, 2023

Mediation efforts were at a clear impasse – despite seven months of formal mediation talks, not a single CAEv2 claim has been settled.

Legal Developments
A woman vaping representing the Juul settlement receiving preliminary approval.

Juul Settlement Receives Preliminary Approval

MedTruth Editors · January 31, 2023

The case centers on claims that Juul marketed their e-cigarette products to children.

Legal Developments
Female diabetic injecting insulin representing California suing insulin makers.

CA Continues Trend of Suing Insulin Manufacturers

MedTruth Editors · January 27, 2023

The alleged unlawful, unfair, and deceptive business practices of the insulin manufacturers are a violation of California's Unfair Competition Law.

Gastroenterologist setting up endoscope representing the FDA issuing warning letters for medical device reporting.

FDA Issues Endoscope Warning Letters

MedTruth Editors · January 26, 2023

After a series of facility inspections, the leading manufacturer of endoscopes was found to have violated medical device reporting requirements and quality system regulations.

FDA Regulation
Two researchers looking at data representing a study that found correlation between FDA fast-track system and future medical device recalls.

New Research Questions FDA Fast-Track Approval of Medical Devices

MedTruth Editors · January 25, 2023

Due to the findings regarding medical device recalls, the 510(k) fast-track approval process is being put into question.

Research + Findings
Newborn baby's foot representing GSK's Zofran summary judgment.

Appeals Court Supports GSK's Zofran Summary Judgment

MedTruth Editors · January 24, 2023

Hundreds of lawsuits alleging that GSK's anti-nausea drug Zofran caused a number of adverse health effects for pregnant women have been dismissed.

Legal Developments
AmerisourceBergen Pharmaceutical Distribution Center representing the opioid distribution lawsuit.

Opioid Distribution Lawsuit Filed Against AmerisourceBergen

MedTruth Editors · January 20, 2023

The company allegedly failed to notify the government of the distribution of hundreds of thousands of prescribed opioid medicines supplied to pharmacies.

Doctor's evaluation results of multiple sclerosis representing the FDA approving new MS treatment.

FDA Approves New MS Treatment

MedTruth Editors · January 19, 2023

While there is no cure for MS, there are a variety of treatments that can help patients recover from spikes in symptoms and lessen the damage over time.

Chemical industry: Bayer smokestack representing a ruling granting Bayer Roundup case rehearing.

Bayer Granted Roundup Case Rehearing

MedTruth Editors · January 18, 2023

The ruling reopens a lawsuit filed by John Carson who used Roundup for 30 years and whose medical records show he was diagnosed with cancer in 2016.

Legal Developments
Doctor consulting patients representing a new class of HIV treatment.

FDA Approves New Class of HIV Treatment

MedTruth Editors · January 17, 2023

Sunlenca has been approved to treat HIV infections resistant to multiple other classes of HIV medications. Sunlenca is part of a new class of drugs called capsid inhibitors.

A judge writing on a clipboard representing Judge Rodgers sanctioning 3M for dodging military earplug liability.

Judge Sanctions 3M For Dodging Military Earplugs Liability

MedTruth Editors · January 13, 2023

Judge Rodgers found that 3M's attempts to hide behind bankruptcy and transfer its CAEv2 liabilities onto its subsidiary, Aearo Technologies, warrants a sanction.

Legal Developments
Woman with bladder cancer holding her stomach representing a new gene therapy for bladder cancer.

FDA Approves Gene Therapy For Bladder Cancer

MedTruth Editors · January 12, 2023

Adstiladrin provides a new treatment option for adults with bladder cancer who were not responsive to more traditional treatments.

A man drinking water representing the Alameda County PFAS MDL regarding drinking water.

Alameda County Joins PFAS MDL

MedTruth Editors · January 11, 2023

The lawsuit claims that major companies knew that since the 1960s, the PFAS chemicals they were manufacturing were toxic and leached into the drinking water system in Alameda County.

Legal Developments
Young woman enjoying a cigarette, representing the supreme court upholding California flavored tobacco ban.

Supreme Court Upholds CA Flavored Tobacco Ban

MedTruth Editors · January 10, 2023

The state of California argued that flavored tobacco products are a key factor in youth addiction, while the tobacco companies argued that the flavor ban would harm tobacco growers, wholesalers, state and federal tax departments, and the public at large.

Laws + Congress
Illustration of an insulin bottle representing the big 3 insulin manufacturers accused of imposing price hikes.

Kansas AG Sues Big 3 Insulin Manufacturers

MedTruth Editors · January 6, 2023

Major insulin manufacturers have been accused of scheming to impose price hikes on diabetes medication since 2003.

Woman making homeopathic medicines representing the FDA guidance on unauthorized homeopathic treatments.

FDA Announces Guidance for Unauthorized Homeopathic Treatments

MedTruth Editors · January 5, 2023

This guidance addresses unapproved homeopathic medicines as a response to the increase in these treatments being sold to the public.

FDA Regulation
A young woman pours the pills out of a bottle representing the Zantac cancer MDL.

Zantac Cancer MDL Dismissed

MedTruth Editors · January 4, 2023

Zantac manufacturers have been cleared from liability in causing plaintiffs’ various types of cancers.

Legal Developments
Close up of senior patient woman hand holding CPAP mask representing the Philips CPAP lawsuits.

Philips Moves to Dismiss CPAP Lawsuits

MedTruth Editors · January 3, 2023

In June 2021, Philips recalled CPAP devices after it was discovered that the foam used to dampen the noises made by the machines were breaking down and emitting toxic gasses and particles.

Legal Developments
A US army camo shirt and American flag patch representing veterans asking for 3M earplug cases to move forward.

Veterans Ask For 3M Earplug Cases to Move Forward

MedTruth Editors · December 16, 2022

A group of veterans filed a motion to have their military earplug hearing damage lawsuits proceed against 3M and Aearo Technologies.

Legal Developments
A lawyer writing on a paper during a trial representing the delayed federal Bard hernia mesh trials.

Next Federal Bard Hernia Mesh Trial Delayed

MedTruth Editors · December 14, 2022

The third and fourth Bard hernia mesh trials will be delayed until later in 2023 for unknown reasons.

Legal Developments
Scientist holding test tube of blood in front of microscope representing Hemgenix approved for Hemophilia B treatment.

FDA Approves Hemophilia B Treatment

MedTruth Editors · December 13, 2022

Hemgenix, a new gene-therapy treatment for Hemophilia B, has been approved for use.

U.S. military members are able to sue the government for toxic chemical exposure at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

Military Base Toxic Chemical Lawsuits

MedTruth Editors · December 9, 2022

U.S. military members are able to sue the government for toxic chemical exposure at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

Health Features
Man with Type 1 Diabetes using injectable drug Tzield.

FDA Approves Type 1 Diabetes Prevention Medication

MedTruth Editors · December 8, 2022

The injectable Diabetes drug Tzield has been FDA-approved to delay the onset of stage 3 type 1 diabetes.

FDA Regulation
A mother using a baby sunscreen stick on her child representing J&J hit with child sunscreen class action.

J&J Hit With Child Sunscreen Class Action

MedTruth Editors · December 7, 2022

Parents claim they were misled into believing that the baby sunscreen is a superior product for their infant’s needs in comparison to the adult version of the sunscreen. 

Image of a woman pouring supplements out of bottle representing the FDA warning about dietary supplement cardiovascular claims.

FDA Warns About Dietary Supplement Cardiovascular Claims

MedTruth Editors · December 6, 2022

Supplement companies have illegally sold dietary supplements that claim to cure, treat, mitigate or prevent cardiovascular disease.

FDA Regulation
Image of Walmart headquarters representing the company proposing an opioid settlement.

Walmart Proposes $3 Billion Opioid Settlement

MedTruth Editors · December 2, 2022

Walmart is willing to pay $3.1 billion to settle claims that it failed to curb the dispensing of opioid drugs at its pharmacies throughout the country.

Legal Developments
A gloved hand holding a Naloxone nasal injector representing the FDA exploring approving OTC naloxone products.

FDA Explores Approving OTC Naloxone Products

MedTruth Editors · December 1, 2022

Narcan, a medication that prevents opioid overdose deaths, may be available over the counter in the future.

FDA Regulation
An elderly woman holding her chest with heartburn representing the Zantac cancer class action lawsuit dismissed.

Zantac Cancer Class Action Dismissed

MedTruth Editors · November 30, 2022

The Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union alleged that Zantac contained a carcinogenic substance, and as a result, the heartburn drug manufacturers should be forced to pay monetary damages.

Legal Developments
Woman holding ear with hearing loss representing the drug Tepezza linked to hearing loss and tinnitus.

Horizon Therapeutics Sued Over Thyroid Eye Disease Drug

MedTruth Editors · November 29, 2022

The drug Tepezza, the first FDA-approved therapeutic medication for a rare autoimmune disorder known as thyroid eye disease, has been linked to hearing loss.

Image of a teen holding a colorful vape at school representing the FDA going after e-cigarette manufacturers for child-friendly vape designs.

FDA Warns Against Child-Friendly E-Cigarette Designs

MedTruth Editors · November 28, 2022

The e-cigarettes in question are shaped like electronics, TV show characters, and food items such as popsicles.

FDA Regulation
A woman gardening representing Monsanto winning Roundup cancer trial.

Monsanto Wins 6th Straight Roundup Cancer Trial

MedTruth Editors · November 23, 2022

This defense verdict marks the sixth consecutive trial win for Monsanto, after juries awarded multi-million-dollar damages to consumer plaintiffs in the first three Roundup trials.

Legal Developments
A baby laying on a pillow representing the FDA issuing a warning about infant head-shaping pillows.

FDA Issues Warning About Infant Head-Shaping Pillows

MedTruth Editors · November 22, 2022

The FDA recommends that parents and caregivers avoid using these pillows designed to change the shape of an infant’s head, and throw out any pillows that are already owned.

FDA Regulation
Illustration of a woman using dry shampoo spray representing the Unilever class action lawsuit over benzene in dry shampoos.

Unilever Hit With Class Action Over Benzene in Dry Shampoos

MedTruth Editors · November 18, 2022

High levels of benzene, a chemical compound known to cause cancer, have been found in some dry shampoo products.

Optometrist checking patient's eyes representing the first Elmiron lawsuit scheduled over eye damage claims.

First Elmiron Lawsuit Scheduled for March 2023

MedTruth Editors · November 16, 2022

Elmiron plaintiffs allege that they developed a rare type of eye damage known as pigmentary maculopathy after taking the drug.

Legal Developments
A heating pad electrical blanket representing Mighty Bliss recall for risk of shocks and burns.

FDA Recalls Mighty Bliss Heating Pads

MedTruth Editors · November 15, 2022

Mighty Bliss heating pads have been recalled for risk of shocks, burns and other injuries.

FDA Regulation
A woman using hair straightener cream representing the L'Oreal hair straightener cancer lawsuit.

L’Oreal Faces Hair Straightener Cancer Lawsuit

MedTruth Editors · November 11, 2022

A Missouri woman alleges that L'Oreal’s hair-straightening products caused her to develop uterine cancer.

Women's Health
A pharmacist talking to a patient representing CVS & Walgreens opioid settlement.

CVS & Walgreens Issue Preliminary Opioid Settlement of $10 Billion

MedTruth Editors · November 10, 2022

CVS Pharmacy and Walgreens have issued preliminary deals to settle thousands of lawsuits filed over their alleged failure to enforce their own opioid distribution policies.

Legal Developments
The legs of three U.S. military soldiers representing a judge denying 3M's bid to retry military earplug verdict.

Judge Rejects 3M's Bid To Retry $50 Million Military Earplug Verdict

MedTruth Editors · November 9, 2022

Judge Roy B. Dalton Jr. has denied a bid for a new trial or, alternatively, to have the verdict of a $50 million reward reduced.

Legal Developments
A judge writing in a notebook representing Judge Rodgers chastising 3M attorney statements.

Judge Chastises "Deceptive" 3M Attorney Statements

MedTruth Editors · November 8, 2022

Judge Rodgers, who has overseen the consolidation of military earplug cases since it began, defended the MDL process in an eight-page order.

An elderly woman holding her knee representing the Exactech implant MDL.

Exactech Implant MDL Granted

MedTruth Editors · November 4, 2022

The medical devices involved in the lawsuits are used in ankle, hip and knee replacement surgeries.

Legal Developments
A green vape representing Logic menthol e-cigarettes rejected by the FDA.

FDA Rejects Menthol E-Cigarette Applications

MedTruth Editors · November 3, 2022

The FDA ruled that Logic's menthol e-cigarettes pose a public health risk and are not allowed on the market.

FDA Regulation
Image of a factory emitting clouds of gas representing the Sterigenics cancer lawsuits.

Sterigenics Cancer Lawsuits To Be Tried in Groups

MedTruth Editors · November 2, 2022

Over 700 plaintiffs have sued Sterigenics, accusing the company of knowingly emitting EtO as a toxic gas.

Legal Developments
Image of a doctor and elderly woman representing the new FDA guidance for health disparities

FDA Develops Draft Guidance For Health Disparities

MedTruth Editors · November 1, 2022

The FDA is updating its Breakthrough Devices Program, providing clarifications that address health and healthcare disparities.

FDA Regulation
Image of a man wearing a lidocaine pain patch representing the lidocaine class action lawsuit.

Retailers Face Lidocaine Class Action

MedTruth Editors · October 28, 2022

A class action lawsuit against major retailers claims lidocaine patches are not as effective as advertised.

A researcher looking at a brain scan representing the fund for rare disease research.

FDA Grants $38 Million to Fund Rare Disease Research

MedTruth Editors · October 27, 2022

The fund will back clinical trials, natural history studies, and regulatory science tools that will give the FDA a greater understanding of the ways that rare diseases can be treated.

Image of 3M facility representing 3M granted bankruptcy review and earplug litigation stay.

3M Granted Bankruptcy Review And Earplug Litigation Stay

MedTruth Editors · October 26, 2022

The company involved in military earplug lawsuits is able to appeal an order that allowed litigation to continue alongside 3M's bankruptcy proceedings.

Legal Developments
Woman smoking e-cigarette representing vape companies manufacturing, selling, and distributing new tobacco products without premarket authorization from the FDA.

DOJ Seeks Permanent Injunction Against E-Cigarette Manufacturers

MedTruth Editors · October 25, 2022

Six e-cigarette companies have been manufacturing, selling, and distributing new tobacco products without premarket authorization from the FDA.

Legal Developments
A scientist holding a talcum/asbestos mineral representing the talcum powder marketing lawsuits against J&J.

Bankruptcy Judge Pauses State Talc Marketing Lawsuits

MedTruth Editors · October 21, 2022

The talcum powder marketing lawsuits against J&J are paused, and the judge will reconsider the states’ lawsuits in December.

Legal Developments
Woman taking opioid pills representing the Cherokee nation settling opioid lawsuit with Walmart.

Cherokee Nation Settles Opioid Lawsuit With Walmart

MedTruth Editors · October 20, 2022

The settlement resolves litigation over the chain retailer’s alleged role in contributing to the opioid epidemic on the tribe’s reservation.

Legal Developments
A doctor showing a lung MRI representing new cancer study suggesting ranitidine is linked to four types of cancer.

Zantac Plaintiffs File Expedited Motion Over New Cancer Study

MedTruth Editors · October 18, 2022

Plaintiffs seek permission to file a report that includes data from a study that suggests ranitidine is associated with four different types of cancer.

Legal Developments
A woman with stomach cancer representing the Zantac MDL splitting plaintiffs based on cancer type.

Zantac MDL Splits Plaintiffs Based on Cancer Type

MedTruth Editors · October 14, 2022

Depending on what type of cancer plaintiffs have, they will either be tried at the state or federal level.

Legal Developments
Multiple e-cigarette devices similar to those being used by minors according to the FDA.

New Study Compells FDA Action Against E-Cigarette Manufacturers

MedTruth Editors · October 13, 2022

The FDA is cracking down on popular e-cigarette manufacturers found to be used by nearly 10% of middle and high school students according to a new study.

FDA Regulation
Pregnant woman taking acetaminophen pills representing the lawsuits claiming the drug causes developmental and behavioral problems in infants when taken during pregnancy.

Drug Chain Giants Face Dozens of Acetaminophen Lawsuits

MedTruth Editors · October 12, 2022

Research suggests that taking high doses of acetaminophen while pregnant may be linked to developmental and behavioral problems in infants, though some argue this research is inconclusive.

Research + Findings
Woman at the grocery store looking at a food label representing the FDA updated definition of

FDA Proposes Updated Definition of "Healthy" Foods

MedTruth Editors · October 11, 2022

There is new suggested criteria for what kind of foods can be marketed as “healthy” based on types of ingredients and nutrient requirements.

FDA Regulation
A doctor prescribing medication to a patient representing Biogen settling MS drug kickback scheme.

Biogen Settles MS Drug Kickback Scheme for $900 Million

MedTruth Editors · October 6, 2022

A former Biogen employee claimed the company rewarded doctors with kickbacks for prescribing Biogen's MS drugs.

Picture of United States Environmental Protection Agency building representing the EPA withdrawing glyphosate risk assessment.

EPA Withdraws Glyphosate Risk Assessment

MedTruth Editors · October 5, 2022

Despite the withdrawal, a new risk assessment could take years to complete, and the agency says it will focus on the next registration review for Roundup instead.

Image of a man struggling to swallow representing the new device to help stroke survivors with dysphagia.

FDA Approves New Aid For Stroke Survivors

MedTruth Editors · September 29, 2022

A new device for stroke survivors with dysphagia has been certified safe to use and will be available for doctors to use in stroke treatment.

FDA Regulation
Lawyers shaking hands representing the Roundup litigation push for settlement.

Lawyers for Roundup Plaintiffs Push for Settlement

MedTruth Editors · September 28, 2022

Attorneys want Roundup litigation resolved, either through a global settlement or a return of the cases.

Legal Developments
A group of scientists in a lab representing Zantac expert testimony hearings.

Zantac Expert Testimony Hearings To Be Held

MedTruth Editors · September 27, 2022

These special hearings will determine which expert witnesses will be allowed to testify in the Zantac trials.

Legal Developments
Someone spraying a plant with Roundup representing Bayer winning a Roundup cancer trial.

Bayer Wins Multi-Plaintiff Roundup Cancer Trial

MedTruth Editors · September 23, 2022

The Missouri trial included three plaintiffs who have non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, allegedly because of Roundup exposure.

Legal Developments
An endotracheal tube used during surgery representing the Medtronic recall.

Medtronic Recalls Obstructed Airway Tubes

MedTruth Editors · September 22, 2022

Endotracheal tubes are medical devices used during surgery to provide an airway for patients to breathe. A number of Medtronic models may become obstructed during use.

FDA Regulation
Two teens vaping representing the JUUL settlement.

Juul Labs Settles Teen Vape Lawsuits For $440 Million

MedTruth Editors · September 21, 2022

Juul has settled with 33 states for marketing its e-cigarette products to teens.

A woman holding textured breast implants representing additional breast implant cancers discovered.

Additional Breast Implant Cancers Discovered

MedTruth Editors · September 20, 2022

In addition to BIA-ALCL, a lymphoma associated with breast implants, numerous cancers have been detected in tissues surrounding breast implants.

The Department of Justice building representing lawmakers demanding an update on the J&J talcum powder probe.

Lawmakers Demand DOJ Update on J&J Talc Probe

MedTruth Editors · September 16, 2022

The investigation aims to determine if Johnson & Johnson misled the public about the risks of using its talcum-based products after claims that the asbestos-contaminated powder causes cancer.

Laws + Congress
A man sleeping with a CPAP machine representing the Philips CPAP device recall due to defective magnets.

FDA Recalls Additional Philips CPAP Devices

MedTruth Editors · September 15, 2022

Over 17 million CPAP machines have been recalled, this time due to defective magnets that can interfere with other implanted medical devices.

FDA Regulation
Image of a 3M office building representing veterans fighting 3M's healthcare spinoff.

Veterans Fight 3M Healthcare Spinoff

MedTruth Editors · September 13, 2022

The military earplug company plans to form a separate entity for its $8 billion healthcare product division.

Legal Developments
A person in a military uniform signing a document representing the 3M earplug MDL continuing despite bankruptcy proceedings.

Bankruptcy Judge Allows Earplug MDL to Continue

MedTruth Editors · September 9, 2022

Although 3M's subunit is undergoing the bankruptcy process, litigation against 3M regarding its military earplugs will still proceed.

Legal Developments
A woman laying on a couch in pain representing the FDA approving treatment for Acid Sphingomyelinase Deficiency.

FDA Approves Treatment For Rare Genetic Condition

MedTruth Editors · September 8, 2022

Acid Sphingomyelinase Deficiency is a debilitating condition that causes a lipid to build up in the liver, spleen, lungs and brain.

FDA Regulation
A woman holding her stomach in pain representing the Bard hernia mesh lawsuits.

Settlement Master Appointed For Bard Hernia Mesh Lawsuits

MedTruth Editors · September 7, 2022

A settlement master has been appointed to work with plaintiff’s attorneys and legal defense to discover whether an agreement can be reached between the parties.

Legal Developments
A woman writing an amicus curiae brief in support of J&J's talcum powder cancer bankruptcy proceedings.

Pro-Business Nonprofit Backs J&J Bankruptcy Proceeding

MedTruth Editors · September 6, 2022

A legal nonprofit submitted a document in support of Johnson & Johnson’s bankruptcy proceedings surrounding the company's talcum powder cancer cases.

Legal Developments
A worker spraying Paraquat on plants representing the first Paraquat Parkinson's trial pushed back to 2023.

First Paraquat Parkinson’s Trial Pushed Back to 2023

MedTruth Editors · September 2, 2022

The federal judge overseeing Paraquat litigation has pushed back the first jury trial to mid-2023. Agricultural workers who used the herbicide claim it caused them to develop Parkinson's disease.

Legal Developments
A man wearing a hearing aid walking outside representing the FDA approval of over-the-counter hearing aids.

FDA Approves OTC Hearing Aid Rules

MedTruth Editors · September 1, 2022

The ruling establishes a new category of hearing aids designed to be sold over the counter to adults with mild to moderate hearing impairment.

FDA Regulation
Lawyers shaking hands at a table with paperwork representing the first Zantac trial ending in a settlement.

First Zantac Trial Ends in Settlement

MedTruth Editors · August 31, 2022

Joseph Bayer agreed to drop his lawsuit, which was scheduled to be held in an Illinois state court, after reaching a settlement of more than $500,000 with generic makers of Zantac.

Legal Developments