Boston Scientific has settled a personal injury lawsuit over its Obtryx pelvic mesh just weeks before the case was set to be heard in court. The case of Elizabeth Buckner has been paused as the parties work to finalize the agreement, according to a notice filed with the court. 

Elizabeth Buckner filed her lawsuit in January 2022. She was implanted with Boston Scientific’s Obtryx pelvic mesh, a type of polypropylene midurethral sling, in order to treat incontinence. The Obtryx, and other meshes like it, are designed to be permanently implanted into the patient in order to support the organs of the pelvis. However, after it is implanted, the Obtryx has been known to contract over time, causing it to pull or compress inside the person’s body, resulting in adverse effects that impact sexual performance, mobility, digestive function, and chronic pain.

According to Law360, the doctor who implanted Buckner with the Obtryx mesh, Dr. Edward Killorin, testified that he had not been warned about certain adverse effects associated with the mesh such as degradation or chronic, debilitating pain. If he had known about the risks, Dr. Killorin said he would not have recommended the product to Buckner.

In her lawsuit, Buckner claims that Boston Scientific knew about the risks that the mesh posed to patients. To support her claim, Buckner points to a 2011 communication from the FDA. Despite the FDA communication, the lawsuit claims, Boston Scientific continued to market the Obtryx as a safe device and underreported adverse information about it. 

The case was set to proceed in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Georgia’s Columbus Division. The announcement of the settlement has come with a 90 day stipulation that is intended to give the defendant and plaintiff enough time to finalize the agreement and file a dismissal of the case. 

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