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Some of the most significant medical discoveries come from patient stories. At MedTruth, we believe not all knowledge is found in the lab, so we go straight to the source. Explore our coverage amplifying the voices of patients experiencing conditions ranging from breast implant illness to mesh-related pelvic pain and more.

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Girl's head held by many different hands to symbolize the many facets of delay to mental health care

Suicide, Stigma and a System Delaying Me...

Lauren Delisle · September 10, 2019

In January, 17-year-old Melody Saenz attempted suicide. Her experience with New York mental health services epitomizes the difficult journey to seeking mental health care, as pervasive stigmas, ill-equipped emergency departments and financial burdens add complex layers to finding treatment and recovery.

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A photo of Angie Firmalino, patient safety advocate, lobbying for the Medical Device Safety Act in Washington, D.C.

14 Patient Advocates Traveled to D.C. ...

Ashley Lombardo · June 4, 2019

In May, women from across the nation gathered at the United States Capitol to advocate for the Medical Device Safety Act. The bill, recently re-introduced in the House, aims to restore patients' Seventh Amendment rights. Here's why the women of the Medical Device Problems group are fighting for it.

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A close-up photo of the eyes of two girls standing side-by-side, representing suicide as a potential side effect of LASIK surgery.

Is Suicide an Adverse Effect of LASIK Su...

S. Nicole Lane · August 20, 2019

Sudden and tragic deaths following a popular eye procedure may indicate that suicidality is an adverse effect of LASIK surgery. Many doctors now believe that the procedure may cause neurological issues that lead to suicidal ideation. Patients experiencing complications feel they were not properly warned.

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Picture of Bamby Salcedo sitting at her desk.

The Hidden Toll of Breast Implant Illness on Transgender Women

Lauren Styx · November 10, 2020

MedTruth spoke with transgender health experts and members of the trans community, specifically trans women of color, to paint a more inclusive picture of the adverse effects of breast implants.

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Image of a transgender person receiving healthcare at the doctor's office.

Could a Proposed Regulation Worsen Transgender Mental Health?

Anika Nayak · October 12, 2020

The rollback of Affordable Care Act protections could make it even harder to see a gender-affirming doctor.

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Image of couple on antidepressants leading to low libido.

Low Libido? Your Prescription Medication Might Be The Reason

S. Nicole Lane · August 26, 2020

Antidepressants, mood stabilizers, diuretics and antihistamines can affect sexual activity.

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Image of a woman on Reddit wearing a mask for COVID-19.

'Long Haulers' Seek COVID-19 Answers and Support in Online Communities

Emily Rose Thorne · July 13, 2020

Long-haulers, those whose COVID-19 symptoms just won’t seem to go away, are turning to communities like Reddit for answers.

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Masks: Physical and Mental Health Implications

Risa Kerslake · July 9, 2020

With so many unknowns about COVID-19, information on mask use is ever-evolving. Mask use may have mental and emotional effects on some – here's how to cope while staying safe.

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Illustration of an elderly woman on a winding road to a hospital representing COVID-19 disparities.

Highlighting Race and Chronic Illness As Key COVID-19 Disparities

Akilah Wise · July 6, 2020

COVID-19 deaths are 12 times higher among people with chronic underlying conditions. Though most U.S. adults have a chronic illness, Black, Latino, Native American, low-income and uninsured people are disproportionately affected.

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A photo of a woman smoking and looking out the window, representing a piece on COVID and overdoses.

COVID Isolation Poses Intense Challenges for People With Addictions

S. Nicole Lane · May 19, 2020

Social isolation can contribute to an increased risk for people struggling with current or previous substance use disorders.

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Image of Hayley Cranberry Small, a chronic illness patient taking immunosuppressants.

Patient Stories: Taking Immunosuppressants During the Coronavirus Pandemic

S. Nicole Lane · March 30, 2020

The public, by now, knows that the elderly and those with serious health issues such as cancer, diabetes, lung disease and heart disease are high risk, but people taking immunosuppressant drugs fall into the high-risk category as well. 

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Person with chronic pain journaling to release emotions and past trauma in order to heal.

Can Chronic Pain Be Relieved by Releasing Difficult Emotions?

S. Nicole Lane · February 27, 2020

Nicole Sachs believes chronic illness can be born inside of the body from unresolved trauma. Here are two stories sharing experiences with Sachs' approach to healing chronic pain.

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Photo of a young woman pressing fingers to forehead to alleviate pain caused by early cataracts and LASIK

Early Cataracts and LASIK: Seeing the Link

S. Nicole Lane · January 22, 2020

Recent reports from young people who underwent LASIK and suffered cataracts in the years that followed have incited medical curiosity surrounding the link between the sight-improving surgery and the life-altering medical condition.

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A photo of Daniela Sage, a healer who used social media to crowdfund explant surgery for breast implant illness.

Healer Crowdfunds Explant Surgery for Breast Implant Illness

Nicole Knight · July 25, 2019

While more information on breast implant illness (BII) is sought by the FDA, some patients suffering from BII symptoms crowdfund explant surgery through platforms like GoFundMe. Miami-based healer Daniela Sage was among them, utilizing the power of social media to remove toxic implants.

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Photo of Frances Scott, who suffered cobalt toxicity after hip implants, and other advocates of Medical Device Problems group while they lobbied at the Capitol for the Medical Device Safety Act.

Cobalt Toxicity: The Poison in Her Hip Replacement

S. Nicole Lane · June 28, 2019

Frances was 39 when she had cobalt alloy hips implanted. Within weeks, her skin broke out in boils. Within months, she faced effects ranging from memory loss and visual disturbances to severe tinnitus and PTSD-like rage/anxiety attacks. The effects of cobalt toxicity on the brain are evident.

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A photo of Billie Copley next to a photo of Jennifer Snowden, two women injured by transvaginal mesh.

Stories Not Statistics: Faces of Transvaginal Mesh

Carah Wertheimer · May 31, 2019

For Pelvic Pain Awareness Month, MedTruth is sharing patient stories. We're recognizing two transvaginal mesh survivors living with chronic pain. For Billie Copley, 44, and Jennifer Snowden, 34, transvaginal mesh implants have changed their lives forever.

Patient Stories
A photo of a finger pointing to a breast implant as woman asks what is breast implant illness.

What is Breast Implant Illness?

Lauren Styx · April 9, 2019

In the past 20 years, more women have been coming forward suffering from symptoms related to their breast implants. While doctors insist these ailments are caused by other health issues, victims of breast implant illness take a stand to share their truth.

Patient Stories
Angie Firmalino telling her Essure story on the Bleeding Edge

Q&A: Angie Firmalino, Essure Problems Founder, Shares Her Story

Ashley Lombardo · August 27, 2018

Angie Firmalino, advocate and Essure Problems founder, shares her personal experience with the dangerous permanent birth control device.

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