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Your health is an investment, not an expense. At MedTruth, we know self-care can be exceptionally difficult, but it can start with simply knowing how to live optimally for your wellbeing. Our women’s health articles cover menopause, pregnancy, ovarian cancer and other topics related to people with vulvas. Be informed for you.

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Photo of woman frowning because females face gender bias in health care.

How Gender Bias in Health Care Affects W...

Nicole Knight · October 19, 2018

Research is finally revealing how gender bias in health care affects the diagnosis and treatment of women’s chronic pain and other medical issues.

Women's Health
An illustration of a female scientist after learning that women are underrepresented in medical research and gender disparity impacts medical studies.

Fewer Women Included in Clinical Trials,...

Nicole Knight · June 14, 2019

Science shows the immune systems of men and women respond differently to disease. However, women remain underrepresented in medical research for vaccines, routine drugs and life-saving medications.

An abstract photo of a girl indicating women's health signs

9 Key Women's Health Signs to Watch

S. Nicole Lane · February 4, 2019

Breast changes, weight gain and bloating may all be symptoms of a greater issue. If you're experiencing any of these women's health signs, it may be time to visit a physician.

Women's Health

AUTHOR MISSING · January 1, 1970

Paragard copper IUD representing the Paragard adverse events with growing litigation.

Paragard Adverse Events Mount Alongside Growing Litigation

MedTruth Editors · September 26, 2023

As reports mount, more people are taking legal action for injuries allegedly connected to the Paragard non-hormonal IUD.

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Woman talking to her doctor representing a vaginal mesh report saying women are not given accurate medical advice.

Mesh Report Claims Women Not Given Accurate Advice

MedTruth Editors · July 10, 2023

Transvaginal mesh is intended to prevent pelvic organ prolapse and urinary stress incontinence.

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A woman using hair straightener cream representing the L'Oreal hair straightener cancer lawsuit.

L’Oreal Faces Hair Straightener Cancer Lawsuit

MedTruth Editors · November 11, 2022

A Missouri woman alleges that L'Oreal’s hair-straightening products caused her to develop uterine cancer.

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A lawyer writing case papers representing a vaginal mesh lawsuit summarily dismissed.

Vaginal Mesh Suit Summarily Dismissed

MedTruth Editors · August 4, 2022

A summary judgment can be thought of as a trial on paper. Both sides submit their best arguments for why the law favors their side, accepting all of their opponent's claims, with the judge eventually deciding the outcome.

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A pregnant woman at the doctor for prenatal screening representing FDA warning about false NIPS test results.

FDA Warns About False NIPS Test Results

MedTruth Editors · May 19, 2022

NIPS tests work by taking a portion of the parent’s blood at a time when the fetal DNA can be detected. This DNA is examined for chromosomal or genetic abnormalities that may indicate future health problems.

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Image of a female doctor talking to a woman about test results representing the FDA's device guidance strategies for women.

FDA Releases Device Guidance Strategies For Women

MedTruth Editors · January 21, 2022

The CDRH Health of Women program aims to address the sex and gender disparity in medicine by including women in research and working to better understand their issues.

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Image of a Scottish flag representing Scottish vaginal mesh victims sent to the US.

Scottish Vaginal Mesh Victims Sent to the U.S.

MedTruth Editors · July 22, 2021

Scotland has agreed to pay for Scottish women implanted with vaginal mesh to travel to the United States and undergo treatment from a specialist.

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Image of a doctor telling patient about breast implant surgeries and mesh.

Two Brands of Mesh Linked to Greater Risk of Breast Surgery Complications

Carah Wertheimer · April 7, 2021

According to the FDA, two brands of surgical mesh used in breast reconstruction surgery may be linked to a higher risk of complications.

Women's Health
Illustration of a uterus with Paragard copper IUD.

Paragard Video Ad Fails to Mention Risks, FDA Warns Manufacturer

Carah Wertheimer · March 12, 2021

The FDA has warned Paragard IUD manufacturer CooperSurgical for running ads that fail to disclose Paragard’s safety risks.

Women's Health
Image of a patient and doctor holding a breast implant, representing the Arizona breast implant bill.

Breast Implant Dangers: Arizona Bill Would Improve Patient Information

MedTruth Editors · February 25, 2021

A bill intended to increase patient awareness of the dangers of breast implants was preliminarily approved in January.

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Image of a hand holding a Paragard copper IUD, representing the lawsuits.

Paragard IUD Lawsuits Best Handled by Female Judge, Attorney Says

Carah Wertheimer · December 8, 2020

A personal injury lawyer representing Paragard IUD clients suggested a female judge be assigned a pending Paragard class action lawsuit.

Women's Health
Illustration of gloved hands holding breast implants that have a black box warning with the new FDA guidance.

FDA Recommends Black Box Warning on Breast Implants

James Parker · October 2, 2020

The FDA has issued a final warning label and new guidance to inform patients of the potential risks associated with breast implants. 

Women's Health
Illustration of a birth control pill packet labeled How to quit the Pill.

How to Quit the Birth Control Pill

Annie Simon · September 29, 2020

This guide explains how hormonal birth control affects your body and the side effects that may happen when you stop taking it, as well as lifestyle changes to help support your body’s adjustment to its natural cycle.

Women's Health
Image of a person holding a Paragard copper IUD in their palm.

Paragard Lawsuit Claims Copper IUD Broke in Uterus

MedTruth Editors · September 3, 2020

A woman is suing the maker of the Paragard intrauterine device after part of the copper IUD broke off in her uterus during removal.

Women's Health
Image of a woman holding her pelvic area in pain, due to toxic metals from Essure side effects.

Toxic Metal Elements Potentially Linked to Essure Side Effects

T.J. La · August 12, 2020

A French study found metal particles in the bodies of women with Essure implants, which may be due to corrosion of the device.

Women's Health
Woman holding her stomach in pain due to Essure, linked to heavy periods and chronic pelvic pain.

Essure Linked to Heavy Periods and Chronic Pelvic Pain

T.J. La · August 11, 2020

Women implanted with the Essure sterilization device reported experiencing heavier periods and more pelvic or abdominal pain than patients who’d had their tubes tied, according to new data from the device-maker Bayer.

Women's Health
Illustration of a breast implant leaking heavy metals, associated with breast implant illness.

Do Heavy Metals Contribute to Breast Implant Illness?

Lauren Styx · July 16, 2020

Heavy metal toxicity within the body can disrupt metabolic function and damage the kidneys, brain, liver and central nervous system. Both saline and silicone FDA-approved breast implants contain heavy metals as either ingredients or part of the manufacturing process. 

Women's Health
A black and white photo of the tools in the OncoGenesis cervical cancer screening test which can be taken at home due to improving technology

iPap: The Emerging Future of Cervical Cancer Screening Technology

Tess Francke · January 21, 2020

A new, at-home cervical cancer screening test may just revolutionize early detection, especially in international markets that lack the infrastructure to provide easy access to doctors and regular pap smear tests.

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A photo of a woman touching textured silicone breast implants representing research on breast implant illness and BIA-ALCL at Plastic Surgery: The Meeting 2019.

A Recap on Breast Implant Safety From 'Plastic Surgery: The Meeting'

Ashley Lombardo · October 8, 2019

From Sept. 20-23,  plastic surgeons and allied health professionals gathered in San Diego, California to learn about the latest research and industry practices to improve patient care.

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Photo of an Older Woman in Field As She Learns Symptoms of Menopause During World Menopause Awareness Month

Menopause: The Transition, the Truth and Why It Matters

S. Nicole Lane · October 7, 2019

While menopause typically occurs somewhere around age 51 in people with a cervix, many women experience the impacts of it before it happens and for years after. This October, the International Menopause Society in collaboration with the World Health Organization calls us to reflect on an important life transition that many refuse to speak openly about.

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a pregnant woman offered opioids during pregnancy holds her baby bump

Study Finds Nearly Half of Pregnant Women Prescribed Opioids Shortly Before or After Delivery

Carah Wertheimer · August 29, 2019

A study tracked pregnant women prescribed opioids shortly before or after delivery to note prescription re-fill behaviors and continued use following pregnancy. While opioid use can be effective during delivery, researchers say other pain management options should be considered.

Women's Health
A photo of a woman's silhouette behind bars, representing adequate health care in prison.

New York Liberty Addresses Women’s Health in Prison With ‘Forgotten Behind Bars’

Lauren Styx · August 13, 2019

The Women's National Basketball Association team in New York hosted a panel to discuss women's health in prison. Female prisoners, especially women of color, are largely underserved while incarcerated — and their health suffers.

Women's Health
A photo of an cancer patient suffering in silence when sexual health goes unaddressed with healthcare professionals.

Why Ovarian Cancer Patients and Doctors Should Discuss Sexual Health

Tess Francke · May 9, 2019

A study published in the British Journal of Cancer investigated how doctors and nurses discuss sexual health with ovarian cancer patients in Leeds, England. Researchers found that a majority of doctors think sexual health should be discussed, yet less than one-quarter actually address it.

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A portrait of a woman of color, in relation to the Reuters report showing Johnson & Johnson marketed baby powder to women of color.

J&J Marketed Baby Powder to Women of Color, Report Shows

Nicole Knight · May 1, 2019

An in-depth probe by Reuters revealed Johnson & Johnson intentionally marketed the flagship Baby Powder product to women of color, despite knowing its talcum powder came with a potential risk of ovarian cancer.

Women's Health
A photo of a woman comforting a woman after recognizing signs and symptoms of breast implant illness.

Recognizing the Signs of Breast Implant Illness

S. Nicole Lane · April 25, 2019

Many patients with breast implant illness suffer from autoimmune symptoms, fatigue, fever, numbness and joint pain.

Women's Health
Illustration of Desperate Housewives' Marcia Cross after Marcia Cross posts about talcum powder and cancer.

Desperate Housewives' Marcia Cross Addresses Baby Powder and Cancer

Carah Wertheimer · April 24, 2019

Desperate Housewives star, Marcia Cross, posted on Instagram this past March sharing nostalgic photos with her friend who recently died due to Ovarian Cancer. In her post, Cross honors her friend, speaking out on female use of baby powder and cancer.

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Photo of tampons following question

Are Tampons Safe?

Tess Francke · April 3, 2019

Nearly 85 percent of menstruating women in the United States use tampons. The average woman will purchase 11,000 tampons in her lifetime, yet millennials are increasingly opting for other feminine hygiene options. But why?

Women's Health
Two women discussing the emotional side effects of birth control

Birth Control Risks: Decreased Ability to Read Emotions

Carah Wertheimer · March 18, 2019

Common birth control risks are generally well-known. However, a recent study suggests that “the pill” might also be impairing the mind's ability to accurately read the emotions of others.

Women's Health
A woman talking to her doctor about breast implant risks while touching a textured breast implant.

Advocates Respond to FDA Reports on Textured Breast Implant Risks

Lauren Styx · March 12, 2019

Advocates for BIA-ALCL awareness call on women and medical professionals to get serious about textured breast implant risks. The FDA will hold an advisory committee panel meeting on breast implant safety in March.

Women's Health
A young woman experiencing the painful effects of sexual assault.

Effects of Sexual Assault Are Source of Severe Health Problems

S. Nicole Lane · March 7, 2019

Effects of sexual assault in survivors of harassment and rape include PTSD, depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, kidney disease, aneurysms, and diabetes, among other illnesses. When gone unaddressed, these effects may worsen with time - affecting intimacy and quality of life.

Women's Health
Close-up of pink pill in woman's mouth representing birth control risks of childhood leukemia

Birth Control Risks: Childhood Leukemia

S. Nicole Lane · March 7, 2019

A recent Danish study found that oral contraceptives, when taken under six months before conception or even during pregnancy, can be linked to an increased risk of childhood leukemia. These findings set a precedent for future studies on birth control risks.

Women's Health
A woman experiencing Essure Problems Symptoms

After the Bleeding Edge, Are Women Still Being Implanted with Essure?

S. Nicole Lane · February 26, 2019

Though Essure permanent birth control is no longer sold in the U.S. after 2019, women may still receive an implant from doctors who have the device in their inventory.

Women's Health
An abstract photo of a girl indicating women's health signs

9 Key Women's Health Signs to Watch

S. Nicole Lane · February 4, 2019

Breast changes, weight gain and bloating may all be symptoms of a greater issue. If you're experiencing any of these women's health signs, it may be time to visit a physician.

Women's Health
Portrait of woman thinking about healing after a hysterectomy

How to Find Healing After a Hysterectomy

Tess Francke · January 28, 2019

As many as 60,000 hysterectomies are performed each year. Despite how common they are, healing after a hysterectomy is no easy feat.

Women's Health
A group of multiethnic women representing U.S. women's health

U.S. Ranks Last in Women's Health Report

S. Nicole Lane · January 17, 2019

A recent report compares the state of women's health in the 11 most wealthy nations. The U.S. ranked last, with women suffering from chronic disease, emotional stress and more.

Women's Health
A photo of a woman touching a breast implant wondering about textured breast implant cancer.

Researchers Find Higher Risk of Cancer With Textured Breast Implants

Nicole Knight · December 28, 2018

The FDA’s recent report reinforced the link between textured implants and cancer, showing that more women with textured implants are developing ALCL.

Women's Health
A photo of a woman holding pink birth control pills and wondering about Yaz side effects.

Are New Generations Unaware of Yaz Side Effects?

S. Nicole Lane · December 10, 2018

Young women taking birth control may not be informed about possible Yaz side effects, such as blood clots, heart attacks and gallbladder disease.

Women's Health
An illustration of a sad female reproductive system after women experience LEEP for HPV complications.

A LEEP for HPV May Come with Unknown Consequences

S. Nicole Lane · November 28, 2018

Women undergoing a LEEP for HPV have been encountering a number of issues, including depression and discomfort.

Women's Health
A photo of two women, one who is a cancer survivor, to demonstrate why it's important to learn about ovarian cancer.

Why We Still Aren’t Educated Enough on Ovarian Cancer

S. Nicole Lane · November 14, 2018

A recent report found that many women don’t know that much about ovarian cancer whatsoever.

Women's Health
Photo of woman frowning because females face gender bias in health care.

How Gender Bias in Health Care Affects Women

Nicole Knight · October 19, 2018

Research is finally revealing how gender bias in health care affects the diagnosis and treatment of women’s chronic pain and other medical issues.

Women's Health
A photo of a pregnant woman holding her baby bump to demonstrate the way Essure Birth Control may lead to Unplanned Pregnancy.

Essure Birth Control May Result in Unplanned Pregnancy, Birth Injuries

Nicole Knight · October 5, 2018

An unknown number of women who had the permanent birth control implant Essure still became pregnant—in some cases, resulting in miscarriage or birth injuries.

Women's Health
A photo of a diverse group of women hiking a canyon with sunlight behind them, representing women's health predictions for 2018.

MT Women's Health Predictions for 2018

Ashley Lombardo · January 26, 2018

Women have laid the groundwork for effecting serious change, but there are still hurdles to overcome. Here are our predictions for women's health in 2018.

Women's Health
Concerned woman, thinking about the link between birth control and breast cancer

How Strong is the Link Between Birth Control and Breast Cancer?

Ashley Lombardo · December 16, 2017

See what the most recent study from Denmark has to say about the link between birth control and an increased breast cancer risk.

Women's Health
A photo of a group of three women walking in a field, representing three ovarian cancer organizations empowering women.

3 Ovarian Cancer Organizations Empowering Women

Ashley Lombardo · September 26, 2017

Learn about ovarian cancer organizations with progressive research initiatives, social outreach and a passion for protecting women.

Women's Health
A portrait of a middle-aged woman looking up, representing the early warning signs of ovarian cancer.

9 Early Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer

Ashley Lombardo · September 21, 2017

Early detection of ovarian cancer is crucial but difficult, as early warning signs of ovarian cancer may seem too minor to cause alarm.

Women's Health
A photo of a person of color's hand, covered in talcum powder alternatives.

5 Talcum Powder Alternatives

Ashley Lombardo · September 14, 2017

Here are five talcum powder alternatives consumers may want to try, including some for DIY lovers wishing to make their own.

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