IVC Filters

Inferior vena cava filters are implanted in thousands of Americans to stop life-threatening blood clots from reaching the lungs. Investigations show that manufacturers may have hidden IVC filter complications and the device’s potentially fatal flaws.

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Woman with hands on her heart representing the Bard IVC filter lawsuits.

Bard IVC Filter Verdict Upheld on Appeal

MedTruth Editors · August 31, 2023

The court ultimately sided with the plaintiff, upholding the decision that Bard's IVC filter caused injuries to a nurse.

Legal Developments
A judge using gavel in courtroom representing IVC filter litigation in Indiana.

Cook Medical IVC Filter Litigation Makes...

MedTruth Editors · March 11, 2022

Retrievable IVC filters should be removed, but many are left in the body, and can cause bodily damage and pain.

Firefighter representing blood clot filter verdict

Texas Firefighter Awarded $1.2 Million f...

Ashley Lombardo · July 4, 2018

A Houston firefighter who claimed a Cook Celect IVC filter caused him serious pain and injuries has been awarded $1.2 million by a Texas state jury.

Legal Developments
An African American man learning about the IVC filter update in Health Canada.

Health Canada Publishes Alert On IVC Filters

Ashley Lombardo · January 12, 2017

Health Canada's IVC filter safety alert warns patients about hundreds of reports linking the devices to serious health complications.

An illustration of floating red blood cells.

Study Shows IVC Filters Don't Save Trauma Patients

Ashley Lombardo · August 13, 2016

IVC Filter study results illustrate preventative device placement may actually increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis in trauma patients.

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