Essure is a permanent contraceptive coil embedded in more than 750,000 women worldwide. Initially regarded as a breakthrough in birth control, Essure has debilitated women with a series of painful complications and has subsequently been pulled from circulation. 

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Image of a uterus representing Bayer's Essure permanent birth control settlement.

Essure Settlement Costs Bayer $1.6 Billion

MedTruth Editors · August 20, 2020

Bayer will pay $1.6 billion to settle the majority of U.S. claims brought by women who said they were sickened or harmed by Essure permanent birth control.

Legal Developments
Image of a woman holding her pelvic area in pain, due to toxic metals from Essure side effects.

Toxic Metal Elements Potentially Linked ...

T.J. La · August 12, 2020

A French study found metal particles in the bodies of women with Essure implants, which may be due to corrosion of the device.

Women's Health
Woman holding her stomach in pain due to Essure, linked to heavy periods and chronic pelvic pain.

Essure Linked to Heavy Periods and Chron...

T.J. La · August 11, 2020

Women implanted with the Essure sterilization device reported experiencing heavier periods and more pelvic or abdominal pain than patients who’d had their tubes tied, according to new data from the device-maker Bayer.

Women's Health
A woman experiencing Essure Problems Symptoms

After the Bleeding Edge, Are Women Still Being Implanted with Essure?

S. Nicole Lane · February 26, 2019

Though Essure permanent birth control is no longer sold in the U.S. after 2019, women may still receive an implant from doctors who have the device in their inventory.

Women's Health
A photo of a pregnant woman holding her baby bump to demonstrate the way Essure Birth Control may lead to Unplanned Pregnancy.

Essure Birth Control May Result in Unplanned Pregnancy, Birth Injuries

Nicole Knight · October 5, 2018

An unknown number of women who had the permanent birth control implant Essure still became pregnant—in some cases, resulting in miscarriage or birth injuries.

Women's Health
Photo of doctor talking to female patient about birth control while Essure sill sold in US despite risks.

Essure Still Sold to U.S. Women Through 2018, Despite Risks

S. Nicole Lane · September 13, 2018

Even though the device is no longer selling in other countries, Bayer, its manufacturer, will continue to offer Essure to women in the U.S.

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Angie Firmalino telling her Essure story on the Bleeding Edge

Q&A: Angie Firmalino, Essure Problems Founder, Shares Her Story

Ashley Lombardo · August 27, 2018

Angie Firmalino, advocate and Essure Problems founder, shares her personal experience with the dangerous permanent birth control device.

Patient Stories
A portrait of a woman of color looking serious, representing Bayer halting sales of Essure outside the U.S.

Bayer Halts Use of Essure Outside U.S.

Ashley Lombardo · September 25, 2017

Bayer has halted sales of one of its previously best-selling birth control solutions in all countries outside the United States.

A photo of three women in conversation after organization recommends knowing Essure risks

Consumer Reports Warns Women About Essure Risks

Ashley Lombardo · September 6, 2017

The nonprofit suggests that women should understand Essure risks of using this birth control device and ask lots of questions.

All Hands in As Essure Women Appeal to FDA in Letter

Essure Problems Advocates Address FDA With Letter Signed By Hundreds

Ashley Lombardo · June 2, 2017

Essure Problems advocates ask regulators to address safety efforts to properly inform women of risks linked to the birth control implant.

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A woman wearing an American flag wondering about the future of birth control in Trump's America.

How Will Trump's America Affect Birth Control?

Ashley Lombardo · November 30, 2016

President Donald Trump and his administration have proposed controversial policy changes to birth control and reproductive rights.

An illustration representing the Essure patient safety checklist.

FDA Publishes New Essure Labeling and Safety Checklist

Ashley Lombardo · November 16, 2016

The FDA issued an Essure safety checklist to help physicians and patients better understand permanent contraception risks.

Research + Findings
An illustration of a gavel representing Bayer being sued for bleeding and cramping side effects linked to Essure.

Bayer Sued for Bleeding and Cramping Side Effects Linked to Essure

Ashley Lombardo · October 21, 2016

Plaintiffs have filed against Bayer AG for hiding dangers linked to the medical device Essure. The Essure lawsuit includes multiple charges.

Legal Developments
An illustration of the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

Congressman Proposes E-Free Act to Ban Essure

Ashley Lombardo · September 29, 2016

The E-Free Act, proposed by Congressman Fitzpatrick, would revoke the contraception device Essure's FDA approval and pull it from the market.

Laws + Congress
A photo of Erin Brockovich presenting at a women's convention.

Erin Brockovich Takes On Essure

Ashley Lombardo · August 12, 2016

Consumer rights advocate Erin Brockovich speaks out against Essure, a permanent contraception device linked to life-changing side effects.