The best apps to help with diabetes all have one thing in common: they ease the burden of managing this dreaded disease.

Whether you need to monitor your glucose level or require a reminder for your next blood sugar test, these apps will help you with all the daily tasks that go along with managing diabetes.

Best Apps To Help With Diabetes

Here are the best ones we’ve found:

MyFitnessPal — Tracking calories, fat, carbs and sugars is important to diabetics. This app lets users log their meals and then computes the nutritional information. At the end of the day, the app tallies the nutritional data and lets you see what you consumed. Not sure how many calories are in the sandwich you ordered from a local restaurant? Not to worry. MyFitnessPal has a large database of food items that lets users contribute information about their meals. Many times, you’ll find that someone has already put in the nutritional information for items you find in restaurants and even in the grocery store. It easily breaks down how many calories are in a portion, in case you want to stay within a certain range.

mySugr — This popular app has been featured several times in Forbes, TechCrunch, and the Washington Post. It’s a great option for logging and monitoring your blood sugar levels, recording your insulin intake, and tracking carbs counts. The great thing about the app is that it can provide, at a glance, your estimated HbA1c. In addition to tracking the data, mySugr also provides motivating challenges and feedback to help cope with diabetes.

MyGlycemia — This app focuses less on the nutritional information and more on the diabetic measurements for glucose. For instance, it will set off an alarm to remind the user to check their glycemia two hours after mealtime. It will also record blood sugar information from before and after three daily meals, and before bedtime. In addition, it saves the user’s medical contact information, including a general practitioner and diabetes specialist.

ACCU-CHEK Connect — The beauty of this app is that it automatically syncs with Accu-Chek glucometer to organize readings into charts and graphs. This makes it easier for users to spot patterns or anomalies in their levels. In addition to the app, the data can easily be synced with a patient’s Accu-Chek online account and shared with their healthcare provider via email or text message. Users can also use this app to track meal information, including calories, carbs, and portion sizes.

Of course, the best apps to help with diabetes are no substitute for medical advice. Be sure to consult your physician before committing to a diabetes app.