Although the Scottish government banned the use of vaginal mesh in 2018, those who have been implanted are still suffering complications. In their latest efforts to provide relief, the government of Scotland has agreed to pay for Scottish women to travel to the United States and undergo treatment from a specialist.

The Scottish government has agreed to cover all travel and treatment expenses for women implanted with vaginal mesh wishing to be treated at either Spire Health Care in Bristol or the Mercy Hospital in Missouri where Dr. Dionysios Veronikis, a vaginal mesh removal specialist, works. 

According to Gynecologic & Reconstructive Surgery’s website, Dr. Veronikis has practiced gynecological surgery exclusively for over 17 years. This devotion, the site claims, has led to a refined and unique level of skill in this area.

Dr. Veronikis had previously offered to travel to Scotland to treat patients suffering from mesh complications. Due to a disagreement with the Scottish government, Dr. Veronikis permanently withdrew that offer. 

In announcing their new effort to support the treatment of vaginal mesh complications, the Scottish government stated that these private contracts “are alternative options for those who feel unable to be treated in Scotland.” This decision to allow out-of-country alternatives follows with Dr. Veronikis’ comments last July. 

At that time, the NHS Scotland announced a £1.3 million commitment to forming a Complex Pelvic Mesh Removal Service to help women impacted by vaginal mesh complications. Dr. Veronikis had commented at the time that Scottish women may be unwilling to submit to correction surgery by the same teams that implanted them in the first place. 

In addition to announcing the out-of-country coverage, the Scottish government also announced plans to reimburse women who had already had vaginal mesh correction surgery. This plan would also reimburse those who chose a private option in addition to those who used the NHS.